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The original film adaptation of William Golding's classic moral parable, Peter Brook's Lord of the Flies has been praised as "one of those rare instances in which the movie is better than the book." stranded on a remote island, a group of British schoolboys try to organize themselves into a law-abiding society: "After all, we're not savages--we're English," one of them proclaims. The decent, levelheaded Ralph is picked to lead them but is soon rivaled by the brash and outspoken Jack, whose appeals to the boys' primal urges of food and fear soon threaten Ralph's rule. As jack's unruly bank of hunters quickly grows in number, the boys' fragile society disintegrates, and they plunge headlong into anarchy and bloodshed. Brook's decision to shoot his tropical film in black and white is inspired: The resulting stark images add depth and weight to the chilling study of the inherent defects of society and man. In today's post-Cold War world, with its lack of simple "us versus them" conclusions, Lord of the Flies becomes an even more compelling film, exploring how easily the threads that hold out social fabric together can thin, fray, and ultimately unravel.


Release Information:

Studio: Home Vision Cinema

Theatrical Release Date: 1963
Video Release Date: August 25, 1993
Run Time: 90 minutes

Edition Details:
• NTSC format (US and Canada only)
• Black & White, NTSC
• ASIN: 6302891256


Lord of the Flies (1963) (drama) (D.-Peter Brook, James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards, Roger Elwin, Tom Gaman)

A faithful, savagely effective black and white adaptation of William Golding's classic book. A morality play on the thin line separating civilization and savagery. Following a war in the near future, English school boys are the sole survivors of a plane crash on a deserted tropical island paradise. They make a valiant attempt to create a well ordered existence. However, when confronted by the threatening unknown, the veneer of civilization peels away to reveal a dark animalistic core. Their degeneration is swift, brutal, inexorable, and believable. Any voice of rationality is drowned out as fear screams through their minds like a force 5 hurricane. The movie is built on a haunting juxtaposition of images. Rationality versus hate and fear. Civilization versus barbarism. Order versus fire and destruction. Irony. The ultimate instrument of their destruction is a flier's survival gear, which should be as civilized and humane a symbol as can be imagined. At the beginning, the boys chorus wrapped in their regal robes come marching down the beach singing, while the ending is as sharp edged as the creases in the war ship officer's pressed whites as he looks down at what they have become.

The cast is largely amateurs, although you wouldn't know it from the taut, realistic performances. Disturbing, insightful, unpleasant, and believable. The book is a must read.




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