One of the first films to be shot using a zoom telephoto camera lens.

Play Tom Hollyman on use of the zoom telephoto camera lens.

One of the first films to be shot using a hand-held camera.

Play Tom Hollyman on his first use of a movie camera.

All the boy actors were amateurs except one (Kent Fletcher in Peter Pan (1960) (TV) .... Michael)

All the boy actors were from the USA, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and The Virgin Islands except one. Piggy (Hugh Edwards) was from England.

Few of the boy actors went on in the entertainment industry.

None of the film crew had ever made a feature film.

The crew developed a light weight, portable tracking system using still camera tripods.

The sound was not shot in sync. All the film is edited to sync excepted for one scene. (Piggy telling the little ones about his hometown, Camberley, England) It took over a year of editing to sync up all the film sound.

Production was setup with shooting to start in two or three weeks without an actor for Piggy signed. The Daily Telegraph news paper in England published an ad for an actor for Piggy. A few days later Peter Brook received a hand written letter on school book note paper from Hugh Edwards saying "I think I am your Piggy." Hugh Edwards was the only boy brought in from England.

Producer .... Lewis Allen One of the first two or three films Lewis Allen had done.

Director of Photography .... Tom Hollyman Had never used a movie camera when he was signed on to film the movie Lord of the Flies.

Photographed by .... Gerald Feil had no feature film experience when he was signed on to film the movie Lord of the Flies. He worked of the film for four years as photographer, editor and cinematographer.

Casting Assistants .... Fiona St.Clair - Puerto Rico, Mother of 8 year old David St.Clair who played "Harry" in the movie

Produced by .... Lewis Allen, father of experimental film maker and cinematographer Dana Hodgdon

Filmed entirely in .... Puerto Rico at Aguadilla, El Yunque and on the Island of Vieques. Today the Island of Vieques is under protest for US NAVY training use.

The entire film was shot in less than ninety days.

The boys worked hard, often 10 hours a day in 1961. This would be illegal today.

Approximately 415,000 feet of film was used, four times the usual amount.

The night beach scene where Simon was killed was filmed using light from military flares that burned for only about ninety seconds.

All the twilight scenes were shot in real twilight, about fifteen per day.

The pig roasting/eating scenes were shot for real. They actually devour it with their hands as you see in the movie.

The final scenes with the jungle burning was shot on military property with assistance from the military.

None of the boys ever got seriously injured. Other than Ralph, from falling off the rocks - just bumps, bruises and a few cuts.

The boy who played the Piggy-killing villain, Roger, (Roger Elwin) was fond of catching lizards and throwing them into the electric fans at the boys dormitory.

A bit of uncanny trivia--Lord of the Flies and Easy Rider use the same Kyrie Eleison song (the song Jack's choir sang) as theme music.


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