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Page TWO from Kent Fletcher scrapbook of the time he played PERCIVAL in the film "Lord of the Flies"

"I remember these photo being taken. We'd (obviously) just arrived and we were all dying to run around and check out the new and exciting place. The LAST thing we wanted to do was to line up for a photo. And there I am in my favorite striped shirt. At the time I would look at the choir boys as being sooooo old, but even they were just young boys at the time. How time flies. {sigh}"


Just arrived on location (Vieques Island) cast photo

Just arrived on location (Vieques Island) cast photo

Just arrived on location (Vieques Island) cast photo

Just arrived on location (Vieques Island) cast photo with Kent and his striped shirt on the next to last right side

Director Peter Brook

Peter Brook at mountain fire location

A page from the script. (reprint below)

172. M.S. The pall begins to stretch away from the island out to sea towards the setting sun.

173. M.S. The boys.
PIGGY (losing his temper) I got the conch. Just you listen. How can you expect to be rescued if you don't put first thins first and all proper? First thing we might have done here was made shelters down by the beach. Now you been and set the whole island of fire. Won't we look funny if the whole island burns up?

A tree explodes. Panic. Little'uns shout: snakes, snakes. They run farther down the mountain.

174. C.S. PIGGY. Suddenly he is gasping for breath.
PIGGY That little'un. Him with the mark of his face. I don't see him. Where is he now? EVERYONE is silent.

Article from "Sight and Sound" (Autumn 1961)(reprint below)



Lord of the Flies

An abandoned pineapple cannery, with somewhat contradictory signs over the front gate - "Lord of the Flies, Bienvenido" and under it, in English, "No Admittance" - is Peter Brook's headquarters for filming the William Golding novel.

After a four month search throughout the Caribbean, Brook and Lewis Allen, the producer, decided on Vieques, an island fifteen miles east of Puerto Rico, where they found virgin beaches, tropical foliage and would presumably have peace and quiet. The lower sign on the gate is an answer to the curiosity aroused on the part of U.S. Marines stationed on the island. During the first weeks of shooting the Marines were often in patrol helicopter and would hover over the beach to get an unobstructed bird's-eye view, effectively ruining all sound shooting. This problem had been solved and by the third week, when we visited Vieques, an amiable truce had been arranged.

"Lord of the Flies" is Lewis Allen's second feature under the banner of Allen-Hodgdon Productions. Like "The Connection," which preceded it, the film was financed under a limited partnership. It also resembles "The Connection" in being an off-beat story, produced without any stars.

Susan Fletcher (Kent's mother)- Wardrobe Supervisor

Susan Fletcher -- Wardrobe Supervisor checking Jack's wardrobe

Kent (Percival) Fletcher, Jeremy (Henry) Willis, a Surtees twin (Samneric) with a camp counselor

Emerging from wardrobe on the set

Kent (Percival) Fletcher on beach

Kent (Percival) Fletcher on beach

Kent (Percival) Fletcher on beach

Kent (Percival) Fletcher on beach

At the "Frenchman's House" hotel up the road from the dorm. (left) and Susan Fletcher and husban Bramwell Fletcher (right)

A group of the units adults in the surf (beach2)

Assistant Director Toby Robertson who played the Navy Officer and Susan Fletcher the Wardrobe Suupervisor

Beach 2

Adults in surf at beach 2

Hugh (Piggy) Edwards

Hugh (Piggy) Edwards

Pet lizard

Film crew member

Beach scene - Simon (Eric) Surtees, Kent (Percival) Fletcher




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