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All Over Him; The Continuing Journals of Will Barnett

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Book Description

When Will and Lance decide to separate for two years while Lance goes to art school in San Francisco and Will moves to Austin, Texas, to attend university there, neither of them can imagine the powerful temptations that await them in each city. Lance moves in the lofty circles of artists and actors, while Will fights lingering temptations of his own, sharing an apartment with his beloved and beautiful Uncle Sean. Both young men stand at a crossroads and must decide if the love they have shared was merely a teen romance or the real thing.


Reviewer: Duane Mac Simolke PhD (Lubbock, TX)

More complex, closing the series for now.

While the first two books in The Continuing Journals of Will Barnett focused on young gay love in an anti-gay setting, this longer, more complex installment uses that relationship to explore the difficulties of lasting gay relationships and the challenges of a growing gay civil rights movement. Setting the book in Austin and San Francisco during the 1970s gives author Ronald L. Donaghe many opportunities to examine those changing times, while still keeping the focus on Will and Lance.

he young lovers now find themselves split between those two cities, because of college and life-long ambitions. As with any long-distance relationship, theirs becomes tested in many ways. However, unlike their heterosexual counterparts, they lack role models for their relationship, since even Will's beloved Uncle Sean has not maintained the lasting love he sought.

This book's epilog closes the journals out for now, with Donaghe giving some clever winks and nods to his many loyal readers. We know we can expect at least one more visit with Will and Lance, and that we can expect many more unforgettable characters from the ever-creative mind of Ronald L. Donaghe.


Reviewer: R.Parklane (Taipeh, Taiwan)

Compelling! A series with a soul!

Donaghe gets better and better. "All Over Him" is a worthy addition to this lovely series. Here we find Will and Lance trying to stay true to each other though separated by distance. Of course this is not easy. Thrown into a different environment, each young man has to overcome temptation and desires which seems an impossible feat in the real world. But this is fiction, and should gives us hope that monogamy is possible.

Being a sentimental fool, I find myself screaming at Will to just drop everything and go to Lance. But I understand Donaghe's message. Will is only 19 and needs to sort out his feelings for his Uncle Sean, whom he loves since 14, and his husband, Lance. Uncle Sean's emotional search for one true love to spend his life with just tugs at my heart. I am glad he finally found Hank and Hanky Hank. The ending is satisfying but I hope Donaghe is not considering to end the series. All Over Him is one year in Will's life when he was 19. I am sure Will and Lance has much more to tell.


Reviewer: Johnny (New York, New York) -

"All Over Him" is the seamless continuation of the story of Will and Lance, begun in the first installment, "Uncle Sean" and picked up again in "Lance." Once again Ron Donaghe has the reader glued to the pages following Will and Lance as they navigate the events of their lives, in a world relentlessly telling them that long-term, committed love between two men is an elusive dream. Alone and together they face what could be the biggest test yet of their love and the reader won't know the outcome until the very end. Once again, with remarkable consistancy, Ron Donaghe speaks as Will in a completely believable, almost too believable way, often leaving the reader wondering if Will is out there too, reading his own story. "All Over Him" answers the question about the permamancy of love shared by two men.


Ronald L. Donaghe was raised on a farm in southern New Mexico. The setting for many of his novels involves the desert and the mountains of New Mexico. He is a master at evoking the stark beauty and sheer majesty of such settings--but also the unforgiving and harsh side.

He is a technical writer and novelist from New Mexico. He has been published by Dutton, Edward William Publishing Company, New Mexico Council for the Arts, Xlibris Corporation and by Writer’s Club Press (an imprint of iUniverse.com). His growing body of work includes essays in three anthologies, a book of essays, two novels, and a full-length autobiography. He has a cat without a tail, and he read comics when he was young... two things he'll rarely admit in polite company.

Ronald L. Donaghe is the author of several novels, including those in the series: Common Threads in the Life (which includes the best-selling COMMON SONS), the series: The Continuing Journals of Will Barnett, which includes UNCLE SEAN, LANCE, and this book. In addition, the first book in his fantasy trilogy was published in 2002.


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