Granddaughter on a quest at Old Alma Cemetery

Prescillia (Harcrow) Morgan

I'm on a quest looking for information/location of my Grandmother Ella Mae Harcrow grave at the Old Alma Cemetery.

Born 1879, died July 1929

A little background info.

My Grandfather was; John Marion Harcrow 1884-1961, he Married- Ella Mae Perry (aka Martha or Mary)1879-1929. They had 4 sons - Eddie Clemons Harcrow born about 1902 in Alma - J.T.(James Thomas) Harcrow born about 1907 in Alma- Cleo Ernist harcrow born in 1912 and my Father Robert Lee Harcrow born 1914, the last two might have been born in Ennis, just not sure. My Grandmother died in 1929 and was burried in Alma. J.T. lived in Alma at this time and maybe some of the others. Looked for her at the old Alma cementery, but not many markers left. Hope some one has a record of the people burried there, or hope someone remembers some of my family. Have no idea where they lived in Alma, at that time.

My Mother Gertrude Leona (Taylor) Harcrow and my father Robert Lee Harcrow.

My Grandfather John Marion Harcrow.

My Grandmother family group with her in fromt with her brothers Isaac Washington Perry and some of their sisters.

My Father Robert Lee Harcrow during World War Two.

My Father Robert Lee Harcrow during World War Two.

Charlie Toth a good friend of my Father Robert Lee Harcrow.

Old Toth road today.

Old Toth Home.

Cleo Ernist Harcrow (My fathers brother and his wife Ann and their children)

On the left( my Fathers Brother)- Cleo Ernist Harcrow,in the center Lois Lamar Harcrow ,(the son of Eddie Clemons Harcrow , my Fathers oldest brother) and on the right my Grandfather,John Marion Harcrow.

Eddie Clemons Harcrow with his big catch.

Old Alma Cemetery.

Old Alma Cemetery.

This is the old Alma cemetery as it is today. Not much left, yet our loved ones are still resting there. Hope someone kept some kind of record on it and the people buried there. Would love to be able to find the spot my Grandmother is buried at. Thanks for all your help.

Granddaughter on quest

Anyone with any information will be appreciated

Please Email: pres-51@peoplepc.com or lotf@lordoftheflies.org


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