From: hanna eggstream


Smashing page!

I'm member in the LOTF mailing list, I'm the one who asked for pictures from the film, yes. I'd like to thank You for sending them, it helped me a lot.

I've been visiting Your site regulary, since You sent me the address, and it's interesting to see how it developes. Your page is smashing, like I said. I also said (or wrote) that I'm working a lot "with" LotF (deadline in 2 weeks) and I wonder if I could use some of Your info, fact, pictures, etc. in my work. I also wonder... where did You get everything from, I mean.. the pictures, info, facts.. and so on. My work is about everything "considering" LotF and I'm looking for somekind of site like Yours but about the 1990's film. And the thought crossed my mind that, wherever from You got the info about the 63's film, maybe "it" also has info about the 1990's film. But... You could've got it from anywhere.. so this is just a thought.

Your site sure is great. Thanks again for sending me the address.

please, excuse my English (again), but after all.. I'm Swedish.

sincerely / Hanna


From: hanna eggstream

Hello JD

Nice to hear from You again.

Of course You may use my comments if You'd like to. Actually that'd be an honor; Thanks to You I've learned very much more about the -63's movie than I ever thought possible, really. Myself, I'm very interested in film making. Peter Brook's movie is SO much more than a movie about a bunch of amateur actor kids, playing games on a godless island...

I'll check the English Amazon shop now. I won't give up 'til I get a copy of that DVD version.

My teacher litterary LOVED my LOTF work. Many thanks to You, Your site, Tom Gaman, David St. Clair, Justin Knopp and MANY others...

Thanks a lot! and have a GREAT day You too.

Best regards,


From: David St.Clair

I was (am?) #42 on CastT1. Where did you get these shots? I could add a bunch of names to them, but need a bit of time (I'm off to a short vacation today). I was surprised that my name was associated with my screen name (George - had been Harry, but I kept saying "hairy", so Peter changed it for me!) on the site, when the rest of the cast (save the major characters) was left nameless. Strange...

I found Tom ("Simon")Gaman's website a few months ago and traded emails with him - hadn't "spoken" with him since we left the island. I might stop by to see him on one of my trips west.

I was first "outed" as a kid when, unbeknownst to me, my picture showed up in the big LIFE magazine spread. My friends' parents and my teachers saw it and told everyone I'd been in the movie - I'd been entirely quiet about it (don't know why).

I bought the DVD but, without a player (yet), I've not seen it. Soon, though.


From: Tom Gaman


Looked at your site. What a lot of work! Congratulations. It looks like you have the same website problem I do--nothing to sell, just interested!

There are a few details. I have somewhere the copy of the edition of Life Magazine where we were on the front!




From: Hugh Edwards (V)

It is indeed I, Piggy of that ilk. Now CEO of a confectioery factory in Russia. I will drop you some notes when I have the time.

Best regards,



From: Toni

Hi I love the web site and I love the movie Lord of the Flies. I like so much i begged my parants to get it for me for christams because I don't have a credit card. The site is great I go to it all the time, i like the sounds and pictures the best. Thank you for make ing the web site.



From: Hugh Surtees

I have been checking out the Lord of the Flies site and I really like it. Its full of interesting information but, knowing one of the actors quite well, there is one thing I would like to say. Can you tell Tom Gaman that my dad (Simon Surtees) is a careers advisor, not a guidance counsellor, like he said in his essay "Flies."

From Hugh Surtees


Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 22:57:18 -0500 (EST)


I just hopped onto this site for the first time the other day and I think it's the best site on LOTF ever made! Is it new? Because I've never seen it before on-line and I checked it out on the search engine. they really don't have many LOTF movie sites out there w/ pictures and stuff like that....most of the LOTF sites are just cliff notes from the book. I'm writing a fan fiction based off of the novel and Gilligan's Island and I've been making a picture scrapbook to kind of illustrate a plot lol. crazy, but I'm a LOTF freak. thank u so much for making this totally made my day! :)


p.s. the DVD also sounds really terrific---I own the movie though because I don't use our DVD player that much. but still, the regular movie is awesome.


Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 16:06:45 -0500

I teach English in a school district in DFW area--thank you so much for the link you have added that incorporates clips from the TLC video--we usually show the video or segments to classes after reading the book but the analysis--while right on target--is tedious for most students in the class to watch. Breaking down the commentary into sound files like you have to make it accessible in meaningful segments will be a great way for students to use the analysis since you have done so much of the editing for them.

LD Bell High School


Date: Aug, 2 2003
From: Richard Wyland

Dear Sir,

I am beginning a screenplay on the encounter between the Indian peoples of the Pacific North West with the landing of Captain Vancouver and the crew of the "Discovery" in May, 1792 in what is now called Puget Sound. The story will focus on the relationship between the 10 year old future Chief Seattle and a British cabin boy, Jamey. (fictional) I want to make their relationship rise above the suspicions and animosities of the adults. They should be able to relate on a special,spiritual level. "Lord Of The Flies" is one of my favorite films in large part because of it's strange,mystical-magical quality. I would hope to capture some of this feeling in my film.

This is my first venture into the area of screen writing and am feeling my way along,hoping that no "Beasts" will attack me in the literary forest.

I had no idea that so much material was available from the 1961 film. All the bloopers and out-takes were great fun. I'd love to view the documentary,"Time Flies".
Yours is one marvelous site.
Best Wishes,
Richard Wyland


Subject: cast of film
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

I am the daughter of Jeremy Willis, actor of lord of the Flies. I have a whold scrap book he made during the movie, which includes post cards that he wrote to my grandparents while filming. I even have a picture of him on the cover of Lifetime with the cast. Anyway, I can tell you for certain that your filmography is inncorrect because he died in December of 1990. He didn´t even make any other films. He owned his own auto repair shop in NY. I hardly knew my father, but I am very proud that he was in this film. I wish you could tell me how you found this information. Please write back.

Kim Willis


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