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Tim Wilson SITE
CMT Tim Wilson Site


Georgia-born country comedian Tim Wilson was a born funnyman, delivering dead-on impressions of his teachers while still in elementary school; he later emceed his high school's talent shows, but after taking up guitar as a teen he instead aspired to a career in music.

While in college he accepted a job as a sportswriter, later convincing his editors to allow him to review local concerts as well; at an Atlanta Rhythm Section date, Wilson passed along his demo tape to the group's drummer Roy Yaeger, who agreed to produce a session at his Georgia studio. The resulting demo went nowhere, however, and so Wilson instead turned to comedy; immediately he earned a devoted local following, and soon after won a Cinemax stand-up competition. A series of television spots followed, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Reviewer: Colonel Dan "Gus" (Austin, TX)


This is one of the funniest things I have heard since the Blue Collar Boys. I feel certain that this album WILL go aluminum. LOL


Reviewer: Bob Sloan, (Rowan County, KY)

I'm a redneck.

So sue me.

But Tim Wilson is "our" funny guy, who doesn't have to joke about dogs under the porch or recycle the same "You might be..." stuff that ain't funny the first time around and doesn't improve a'tall with age. Instead he gives us the lying uncle from "his" family who's a whole like the one we grew up with, the brother-in-law from hell we put up with at Thanksgiving (who sometimes doesn't go away till after Xmas).

Tim Wilson is brilliant and pokes fun at anything that strikes him as funny, and makes jokes about things I never thought I'd hear a comedian talk about. Who else has a story about that lying uncle and Rosa Parks?

Only reason I gave this album four stars rather than five is some {guy} has censored it, bleeping words I've known since I was five or six years old (and I'm not talking about the big "F" one).

Buy it anyway, listen to "Chucky Cheese Hell" and remember the last time you ate really bad pizza while the kids went through thirty bucks in quarters.

If you don't laugh out loud, you might be a Jeff Foxworthy fan.


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Jimmy Bowskill SITE
Jimmy Bowskill Site


Jimmy Bowskill

Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Jimmy was dicovered playing guitar in front of Jeff Healey's Club in Toronto at age 11 and was invited to the stage that night for the first time by Healey.

He went on to record his 1st CD shortly after strongly supported by the Toronto Blues community. His second release a year later got the nod for a Juno nomination and Jimmy is about to release his third recording produced by Peter Prilesnik.

Jimmy has had the privilege of opening and sharing the stage with such legends as Dickey Betts, ZZ Top, Jeff Healey, Garth Hudson and Deep Purple. ZZ’s Billy Gibbons took special interest and invited Jimmy to join him for lunch after catching his performance… an honour Jimmy will never forget.

So, how does he sound?


The Koktebel Resistance, UKRAINE

One of the most spectacular performances (at Ukraine’s Koktebel Jazz & Blues Festival) was by the 14-year-old Canadian boy wonder Jimmy Bowskill and his band. The opening chords showed that the boy is not simply a wunderkind but an exceptionally brilliant phenomenon in the world of Blues and Rock. His incredible guitar technique and his strong free-flowing vocal skills, along with his volcanic temperament, blew the audience away.


You did your country proud!!!

Rene Leblanc, Canadian Pavilion, World Exposition, JAPAN


Jimmy and his band are a powerfully cohesive unit that would be a tough act to follow on any festival stage and one that would have them swinging from the rafters in any blues club down south

Al Kirkaldy, The Peterborough Examiner


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Eric Steckel SITE
Eric Steckel Site


Originally from Pennsylvania where he was first known for his energetic guest appearances with many of the area's finest performers, Eric's early musical influences inspired him to pick up his first Fender Stratocaster at the age of nine.

There was no looking back.............

The Eric Steckel Band's debut CD, "A Few Degrees Warmer", was recorded live in April 2002 when Eric was a mere 11 years old. A Few Degrees quickly became a CDBaby Top Seller in the Blues genre and the record continues to delight Blues Guitar fans everywhere as it receives positive critical feedback and enthusiastic international attention.

Eric was introduced by John Mayall as the youngest person ever on stage with the Bluesbreakers.

Eric left a lasting impression on Mayall and in the Summer of 2004, Eric appeared in Sweden, Norway and Denmark as a special guest with John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers during their Scandinavian Tour and in early 2005 Eric traveled to Los Angeles where he joined Mayall for session work on the recently released Bluesbreaker's record titled "Road Dogs". Listen for Eric's lead guitar work on the track "Chaos in the Neighborhood".

The ESB released their first full-length studio release titled 'High Action" in 2004. Following the successful independent release of High Action within the USA, the ESB traveled to The Netherlands and Belgium in June 2005 for a 10 concert tour.

In November 2003, Eric was presented with The Lehigh Valley Music Award for Outstanding Electric Guitar.

Eric reside in Jacksonville, Florida and the ESB continues to forge ahead by performing at selected venues and festivals in Florida and the Northeast.


Reviewer: W.V.Griffin

I heard Eric on New Years Eve on the radio ,when i first heard him playing The Sky Is Crying .Me and my brother were both guessing ,i thought the guitar was many Melvin Taylor and then we heard him sing .Now i couldn't wait for song to end to see who it was ,it was followed by another song .My brother then called the station and we couldn't believe,11 years old ! When i got home ,i bought Havana from Napster and next i ordered A Few Degrees Warmer from CD Baby.They both are smokin' hot ,Kenny Wayne and Johnny Lang can't touch him !! It's like SRV and Jimmy reborn,keep on rockin' and would love for you to come to Raliegh N.C. sometime.Hey my aunt and uncle use to live in Allentown PA. also. Next how about a live DVD ? Thanks


pretty cool axeman, and he's what freakin' 11!!!!

Reviewer: Jim

A bud of mine told me about this CD, and I was skeptical about an 11-year-old blues player. But, the kid is a great guitarist and he'll only get better with age. The vocals of a kid that age are a little squeaky, but whose voice, amongst us guys, wasn't. I hope he stays true to his convictions and continues to play the blues. Cool CD!!!


Reviewer: Mark


Here is a review from The Netherlands. I saw Eric at a gig here in The Netherlands in a small bar. What i heard was AMAZING. This boy is a giant on his guitar. It hit me like nothing ever did to me. Eric i hope you come to The Netherlands again soon! This CD is realy something! Awesome! Greetings one of your biggest fans in The Netherlands..


Reviewer: Phillip Kee

Eric Steckel is amazing for one so young. He has a genuine "feel" for the blues. Where does he go from here? It will be interesting to discover when his voice "breaks"!!! Phillip Kee. Rørvig. Denmark.


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Billy Gliman SITE
Billy Gilman Site


Billy Gilman has been a participant in his own reality series—the reality of surviving in his own skin and a life away from music. It was a forced reality for the young artist who was sidelined at the height of his multi-platinum career by a really normal and typical development for a boy his age—his voice changed. Just as quickly as Gilman made his explosive debut in the country music scene, mother nature removed him—immediately and entirely from the spotlight. The good news is Gilman is a survivor and he’s back from vocal exile to the business of making music. Gilman’s new CD featuring special guest Pam Tillis, shows significant growth in Billy's vocal range and brings him back full circle to country music with guitar, fiddle, and steel accompaniment. Soon to be 18, the dynamic teenager has lost nothing but time and returns with a voice that has undergone a welcomed mature change. "’Gonna Find Love’ appealed to me immediately because it speaks the truth," says Gilman. "Every young adult feels this way sooner or later in life. It's about growing up and experiencing love."


Reviewer: David A. MacDonald (Toronto, Canada)


Billy Gilman lost his voice (his voice "broke"), as is sometimes said, for a while, much to his dismay, but in his self titled CD "Billy Gilman" he has come back better than ever. I'm sure great things will come from him in the future and I look forward to his next CD. Thanks a lot Billy Gilman, for all that you have done, including your charity work for Muscular Dystrophy. And GOOD LUCK in all your future endeavours.


Reviewer: Cheryl H. Long


Once again, I broke my own rule about buying CDs without having a chance to preview them first, but considering how much I have enjoyed Billy Gilman's previous albums, I decided to gamble on this one -- and won.

Billy has proven on this album that he is indeed no novelty kid act. His voice has matured to a crystal clear tenor. He has also returned to his country roots -- and done it well. While it doesn't have the song variety of "Everything and More" (which I actually preferred more than this album; hence, the 4-star rating), it is definitely more upbeat and worth listening to more than once. I especially enjoyed "Billy the Kid," "Southern Star" "Let Me Remind You," and "We Go On." His duet "I'm Almost Over (Gettin' Over You)" with Pam Tillis is one of the biggest highlights on the album. A must for any Billy Gilman fan's collection.

Keep up the good work, Billy. You're well on your way to becoming more than just a Southern Star!


Country Singer Billy Gilman Comes Out As Gay

The Huffington Post | By Curtis M. Wong

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Billy Gilman SITE

Country singer Billy Gilman, who shot to stardom at age 11 with "One Voice," has come out as gay.

The 26-year-old Rhode Island native spoke apprehensively, but at length, about his sexuality in a new YouTube clip posted on Nov. 20. The singer says he was inspired by fellow country musician Ty Herndon, who came out as gay in interviews with People magazine and Entertainment Tonight the very same day, in his decision to come out.

Discussing his struggles to be taken seriously as an adult country performer by record labels, he says, "It's pretty silly to know that I'm ashamed of doing this knowing that because I'm in a genre and industry that is ashamed of me for being me."

Gilman, who says he's been with a partner for about five months, went on to note, "I want to say that all of the country artists that literally I grew up with -- Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Lee Ann Rimes and all of these wonderful friends of mine have been nothing but supportive. Not that they knew but they've just been such wonderful people."

Before offering fans a sneak peek at a forthcoming music video, he adds, "I've been an advocate for so many things in my life that I thought, why not now be an advocate for me and for the cause that I believe in with my whole heart?"

GIlman now joins Herndon, Cheyl Wright and "All-American Boy" singer Steve Grand in the ranks of country music's out and proud performers.


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Peyton SITE
Peyton Site


The original son of a preacher man, Peyton swapped the higher echelons of religion for the soulful ecstasy of a Hed Kandi! This singer songwriter as been part of the Hed Kandi family for over two years. Such the universal appeal of his global PA's of 'A Higher Place', 'Celebrate' and 'I'll Rise' led this enigmatic singer to an album deal, which will be released on 19 September 2005, on Hed Kandi Records. 14 tracks. 2005.


Reviewer: Steve Heffner (Newburgh, NY)

Awesome Voice! Awesome Sound!

I heard about Peyton through a friend. I've heard gospel-pop before and wasn't sure of what to expect. To be honest, I didn't expect to care much for it. I WAS WRONG. Although it has gospel/soul flavor there's so much more going on here. It would be cruel and unfair to try and define this album by placing it in a single category.

Peyton has one of the best voices I've ever heard, period. Fluid and soul-blazing, he rips through each genre crossing song with ease. In the process, he hits you square in the heart. You can't help but be affected.

DANGEROUS GAME was my initial favorite but I find every other song quickly creeping into my playlists!!


Reviewer: Wayne Baker "Kandi Freak" (North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand)

Ballad Soulful Grove....

If you looking for a pop ballad but also feels gospel with a splash of funk, then you've herd PEYTON...

This cd is great if you use to like early 90's pop ballads but now mixed with an authentic Hed Kandi spice....

My favourites are:

Loves Going On, I'll Rise, Miracles, Keep The Faith, A Little Sensitivity and (my favourite) .......FIND MY WAY.........

This CD is a sensational winter warmer... Try it! :)


Reviewer: W. Pardi Jr. (San Francisco, CA)

Excellent Artist Goes Unrecognized in The U.S.

Peyton's debut album is outstanding. There are some rythmic dances tunes as well as some ballads. I don't think that there is a bad song on the entire CD. Too bad that it was released in the U.K. and I found it somewhat difficult to find in the U.S. If you buy only 1 CD this year, check out Peyton. You won't be disappointed. If you want to get a taste of the type of music that Peyton has created, try listening to some Euro dance radio. Peyton still is not played on American radio. Too bad that we're all missing out on hearing a great artist.


Reviewer: S. Benson (Los Angeles, CA)

A new great male singer!,

Peyton has one of those voices that you know would be just as amazing live. This is a major talent. I have enjoyed every track on this cd and am so glad I went to the trouble to get a copy (since it is not being distributed in the US at this time) Get an import copy or buy one "used" and you will be so glad you did. Great songs, great lyrics, great voice. Simple as that.


Reviewer: N. Wauters (Los Angeles)

A perfect album!,

When I buy an album, it's usually because it's by an established performer, and I now automatically buy their stuff, or I buy an album because there are a few songs on it that I enjoy. Peyton's debut album is one of those rare little gems where you'll fall in love with every single song. Voice, lyrics, music. Peyton has concoted an amazing compilation of upbeat anthems and reflective ballads. One of the best CDs of the year, I promise you. Can't wait for the next album!


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