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My Carl: A Journey Home



Book Description

Christian, a single parent of teen-age twins, is too old to think about taking on another child, especially one with Carl's secrets. But who could turn down a boy who believes you are his last hope? Christian could not, especially after the manipulation his 14-year-old sons and others use to help Carl.

As with young Carl, the horrors of abuse does not end when a child is rescued, that is only the beginning, which is where Carl's story begins. The horrors of his previous life of abuse racks Carl as it does so many children like him, and there is no guarantee of a happily every after ending.


Reviewer: J. Brewer

A great read.

This story is great. While I will say the editing left a bit to be desired, as typos are easily found. The story it self is outstanding. I have been a long time fan of the author and got one of the first 100 copies :) sence then I have bought a few more for family. It may not be a english teachers dream novel. But for a teenager or even someone older. It is worth reading.


Reviewer: jeffsfort (Boston, MA)


I just finished reading MCAJH and have to say it is one of the most heart warming story I have read in quite some time. Mr. Bower has done a fabulous job creating characters that you can't help but to fall in love with them. I can't wait to see if there will be more works from this author in the future.


Reviewer: Miles (Dallas, Tx)

Powerful, yet Humorous

An excellent read. The character are developed in such a way I feel like I know them, and I cant count the number of times I laughed out loud, nor how many times I cried. The only downside, it is very hard to put it down, plan on staying up late to finish it.


Chris Bower was born in San Antonio, Texas. The younger of two sons in a military family, he lived in several areas of the U.S.A, and two foreign countries while growing up. As an adult he for years taught vocational subjects to adults and older children, he became a computer technician, which is his current vocation.

Mr. Bower has for most of his adult life served as a volunteer with youth organizations, and for several years was a foster parent that helped abused teenagers while they lived in his home.

A new writer, Chris has used his years of experience in working with teens and preteens to create this work. As a Occupational Education teacher and a foster parent for abused teenagers, his incite into how troubled youngsters think and react to adults trying to help them allows him to develop his characters such that they seem as real as life.


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