OLD Alma Texas

Settlement of this area began as early as 1848. The town of Alma was established in 1871, when the Houston and Texas Central Railroad was built through Ellis County. C.C. Hemming deeded part of this property for the railroad right-of-way and a town to be names in honor of his daughter, Alma. Soon the town included numerous homes, businesses, churches, and civic organizations. It was the center of a farming community until the 1950's.

Alma Business District, 1909. Electricty and telephones have arrived (note the poles), but no automobiles or paved streets. Photo taken Mary Zerwer

Alma Train Station. The freight warehouse (the left part of the station with the platform) still exist today as a garage on a farm in Alma. The is from around 1909 and the photo may have been made by Mary Zerwer.

Alma Texas Public School built in 1912.

The entire Alma Public School, first through eighth grades, taken in 1923.

The third and fourth grades at Alma School in 1924.
Left to right (Front Row) Unknown, Luther Lusk, James Durbin, Randall Davis, J.W. Harrison, Jack Lummus, Henry Slovacek
(Second Row) Charlie Toth, Otis Horton, James Treadway, Winston Edwards, Joe D. Wright, Allen Treadaway, Marvin (first name unknown), Louis Dolezlik, unidentified.
(Third Row) Helen Dostal, Isabelle Baumgartner, Victoria Vavra, Oma Horton, Angelin Soslik, Florine Bernard, Christine Whitfill, Erma Lee Whitfill, Marie Whitfill, Olsen first name unknown).
(Fourth Row) Katie Omeline, Rosie Slovacek, Lena Marvin, Lillian Day. unidentified, unidentified, unidetified, Arthur Langley.
(Fifth Row) Miss Mae Vernable,teacher, Elton Rogers, John Kubin and Frank Betik.

Cecil Fowler's Alma School Class picture

Alma Business District, 1940 still no paved streets.

One of the three Alma Cotton Gins in the early 1920's

Alma school class picture with Vivian Whitfill and Dorsey Fowler.

1923 Ford at J.C. Kelly's place

Alma school class picture with Cecil Fowler

Cecil Fowler from Alma school class picture

DB Fowler from Alma School class picture

DB Fowler and John Fowler homes in the 1940's

DB Fowler home before the railroad Depot building was moved to the back yard in the late 1940's

IG Whitfill's garden Alma Texas in the 1920's

John Fowler's home in the 1940's

Hughes home east of Alma, Texas in the early 1920's

John & Arlesia Fowler car at their Carlloton, Texas home in the mid 1920's

John Fowler old barn north of what in now I45 in the 1940's

North side Highway 75 in Alma, Texas in the 1930's

Alma Texas on Highway 75 in the late 1930's

Alma Texas Cotton Gin in the late 1930's

Old Benton home & railroad depot Alma, Texas in the 1940's

One of DB Fowler's car from the 1930's

Fowler's old home garage in the 1930's

Percy Fowler 1940 Sudebaker Coup

The home of Alvie & Iola Ruffin (Iola Ruffin was Post Mistress for the town of Alma for many years. The TPL (Texas Power & Light) Alma Substation, on right, in the late 1930's

Alma Texas young folks in the 1930's

One of the Alma Texas touring cars from the 1920's

One of the Alma Texas cars from the 1920's

Vivian Fowler with their 1920's Dodge touring car

DB Fowler & Vivian Whitfill with thier 1920's coup

Oak Grove Store in Oak Grove, Texas in 1955.


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