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Dedicated to the admirable people that made the movie in 1961

Peter Brook's film adaptation of William Golding's classic moral parable has been praised as one of those rare instances in which the movie is better than the book. Shot in black and white the resulting stark images add depth and weight to this chilling study of the inherent defects of society and man. Released 1963


How did we let this happen?

As webmaster I don't get into political comment most of the time but with the GOP (the party of the disruptors) and their head schoolyard bully in the white house doing his best disrupting of life for so many people in the US and making this country the joke of the world I must say and do my small bit.

Dodging the emoluments clause. Bragging about sexual assault. Conflicts of interest. Didn't release his tax forms. Asking Russia to hack Hillary. Lying about illegal voters. Lying about the size of his hands, his crowds, and his nonexistent mandate.

There are many reasons to #ITMFA. What is yours?

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ITMFA site


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Criterion Collection DVD and BLU-RAY Page

A new release of "LORD OF THE FLIES" (1963) from The Criterion Collection will hit the stores July 16, 2013 in DVD and Blu-ray format.

Site Review of the new Blu-Ray release


The film is presented at 1.37:1 and is offered in 1080p resolution using the AVC codec. Sharpness is superb throughout, and the imagery is absolutely pristine (clips in some of the bonus features show a scratched and dirty picture, but that's not the case with the beautiful transfer here completely lacking artifacts). The contrast has been wonderfully realized to present the grayscale in its most becoming light. If only the black levels were a little deeper, the image would truly have been reference quality, but few will complain about what is offered. The film has been divided into 13 chapters.


The PCM 1.0 (1.1 Mbps) sound mix offers fidelity that's well above average, especially surprising in light of the miniscule budget for the film and the primitive sound recording techniques utilized for the dialogue (the commentary offers some entertaining facts about how it was done). With the dialogue almost all post synched (apart from Piggy's story of his hometown's name change), there is that airless quality to the track that can't be helped. The sound effects and music never interfere with one's complete understanding of what's being said.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary: a piecemeal affair that's entertaining and elucidating with director Peter Brook, producer Lewis Allen, director of photography Tom Hollyman, and editor Gerald Feil recorded in 1993.

Audiobook Accompaniment: William Golding reading from his book is synched to the scenes in the film.

Three Behind-the-Scenes Vignettes (HD): Brook, Allen, Feil, and Hollyman comment separately during these three brief pieces.

Home Movies and Tests (3:25): learning to use handheld cameras before the start of principal photography

Outtakes (2:58): brief clips where character was broken by the actors

Production Scrapbook (9:14): montage of photographs showing behind-the-scenes on the production

Deleted Scene (1:57, HD): an early scene in the movie (it would have been in chapter four of the film) featuring Jack and Ralph.

Peter Brook Interview (32:31, HD): a 2008 interview with the director who tells his memories of acquiring rights to the book, casting, and the three month shoot in Puerto Rico.

South Bank Show (24:35, HD): an excerpt from a 1980 broadcast focusing on William Golding who tells of his early adult years up through the publication of Lord of the Flies.

Gerald Feil Interview (19:36, HD): the editor and cameraman shares memories of the production and especially the difficulties of both picture and sound editing.

The Empty Space (19:36, HD): Gerald Feil's 1975 documentary on Peter Brook's theatrical techniques being taught to a class of actors in Brooklyn, NY.

Living Lord of the Flies (6:03, HD): Actor Tom Gaman (Simon) narrates some 8mm movies shot during the film's three-month production and shares memories of working on the movie during his summer vacation.

Theatrical Trailer (1:54, HD): an optional commentary from Gerald Feil is available in which he tells a funny story about the film's premiere in New York.

29-Page Booklet: includes the chapter listing, the cast and crew lists, some artwork of various boys from the film, movie historian Geoffrey Macnab's analysis of Golding's book and Brook's movie, and an excerpt from Peter Brook's autobiography detailing memories of working on the picture.

Overall I give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5

The definitive film version of William Golding's masterpiece, Lord of the Flies makes an impressive Blu-ray release with outstanding video and audio and a bonus feature package that's extremely enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by: JD



Play "Lord of the Flies" film trailer


In memory of James Aubrey

Biography for James Aubrey (Ralph in Lord of the Flies)

Date of Birth 28 August 1947, Klagenfurt, Austria

Date of Death 8 April 2010, Cranwell, Lincolnshire, England, UK (pancreatitis)

Birth Name James Aubrey Tregidgo

Spouse Agnes Kristin Hallander (divorced) 1 child

Trivia Son of an army officer.

Completed an MA in Drama at Flinders University, South Australia.

He was due to appear in the film Shadows of a Stranger, playing the main character David, as well as working on the casting and coaching of other actors. However he died before filming had begun.

After seeing him perform in "The Glass Menagerie," playwright Tennessee Williams sent a copy of his memoirs to him with the following inscription. "To James Aubrey, The Best Tom Wingfield anywhere, ever."

He is survived by his sister, Janet Fleming and brother-in-law David Fleming of Brighton, Sussex, England and a daughter Sarah Aubrey of Paris, France.

He studied acting at the Drama Centre in London, England.

He was educated in Germany, Singapore, and Jamaica.

Son of Aubrey James Tregidgo.

He was discovered by film director, Peter Brook while he was living in Jamaica in 1960 while casting for the film Lord of the Flies.

In memory of Tom Hollyman

Thomas Benton Hollyman, a leading magazine photographer who worked on the classic movie "Lord of the Flies," has died at 89. Hollyman died Saturday, November 14, 2009 in Austin, Texas according to his daughter. Graydon Carter, managing editor of Vanity Fair, included Hollyman in a roundup of "photographic greats." The son of a Presbyterian pastor, he was a staff photographer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch before serving in the Army Air Forces. In 1963, as a travel photographer, he was hired to direct photography for British director Peter Brook's movie "Lord of the Flies." Hollyman was president of the American Society of Magazine Photographers from 1969 to 1971. His daughter, Stephenie Hollyman, says a memorial service for Hollyman will be held at Manhattan's Saint Bartholomew's Church on Nov. 30.


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The Vieques Island Travel Guide

The Vieques Island Travel Guide Link.

Vieques Island Beach

________________Things of Interest________________

White House Lit Up in Rainbow

The White House is lit up in rainbow colors in commemoration of the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian couples in Washington and across the nation are celebrating Friday's ruling, which will put an end to same-sex marriage bans in the 14 states that still maintain them.

President Barack Obama said earlier Friday that the court ruling has "made our union a little more perfect."


"UNDER THE DOME" by Stephen King

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Gay Book Page


The fate of the World, Under Glass, or not

King has written another book of impressive work and even does a reference to the book William Golding wrote back in 1954 "Lord of the Flies" that absolutely illustrates the tendency of power to corrupt and the inherent wickedness of the human heart when people are forced into a closed environment.

From part one of the book:

"Remember "Lord of the Flies". They had read it for honors English. Benny intoned "kill the pig, cut her throat, bash her in." People call cops pigs but I'll tell you what I think, I think cops find pigs when the shit gets deep."

The fact that the villains are most all right-wing fundamentalist Christians (extremely hypocritical Christians to be sure) is a statement to lay lot of the responsibility at the foot of religions of the world and the references to Falujah has to lay some of the responsibility at the feet of the military/industrial complexes of the world in my opinion.

I sure hope all the readers understand how this relates to the small blue planet we live on in the same closed environment on a different scale.



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Matthew Shepard Foundation

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We are Bob and Cori Hanus along with our son Timothy. We are missionaries to one of the most diverse countries in the world (the United States). God allows us to evangelize the streets and teach evangelism in the churches. "God did not command the lost to go to church, He commanded the church to go to the lost."



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Gay Teen Suicide site link

Click on image to Support the Anti-Bullying Campaign with "IT Gets Better" by Terry & Dan Savage

Support the Anti-Bulling Campaign
Billy Lucas

Teen suicide victim hangs himself from barn rafters

GREENSBURG, Ind. (WISH) - Billy Lucas committed suicide September 9th. Some say he'd been bullied and it pushed him over the edge.

His Myspace page begins "Well I guess my name is Billy!" He won ribbons showing his animals saying "I love my horses, I love by club lambs. They are the world to me."

He may have lived in a world many are just beginning to understand. He spent his last hours with those animals. His mom last saw him around 8 p.m. that night as he put up the horses. In the police report she says he "was acting strange earlier and called 911...he told the dispatcher he was causing problems for his mom and people should come". She told police she didn't know why he called and told dispatchers there was no problem and not to come.

Billy had been suspended from school that day. Friends say he was fighting back with cuss words against the bullies. They say girls were harassing him in class when he stood up and let the words spew. He was suspended.

Billy's mom told Karen Hensel Wednesday night, "Yes, he was bullied. I don't know why he did this. Yes, I did talk to the school." His sister Abby says, "The community let us down." Friends say the mother didn't want an obituary or funeral because she didn't want those kids who had hurt him to see him.

Click on image to Support the Anti-Bullying Campaign with "IT Gets Better" by Terry & Dan Savage with their son DJ
Support the Anti-Bulling Campaign
Dan Savage (on the right) writes the "Savage Love" column for Seattle's newspaper "The Stranger"

Click on image to go to "The Stranger" - Seattle's Only Newspaper
The Stranger

The Stranger was founded by Tim Keck, who had previously co-founded the satirical newspaper The Onion, and cartoonist James Sturm. Its first issue came out on September 23, 1991. The paper is distributed to local businesses, newsstands, and newspaper boxes free of charge every Wednesday. It calls itself "Seattle's Only Newspaper," an expression of its disdain for Seattle's two dailies (the Seattle Times and the now-defunct print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) and The Stranger's main rival, the Seattle Weekly. The paper regularly covers Seattle City Council politics. In its early days, The Stranger had a print run of 20,000, and was focused in Seattle's University District. The paper was a single sheet wrapped around a wad of coupons for local businesses. On April 16, 2012, The Stranger won its first Pulitzer Prize. Eli Sanders won in the Feature Writing category for "The Bravest Woman In Seattle," which the citation describes as "a haunting story of a woman who survived a brutal attack that took the life of her partner, using the woman’s brave courtroom testimony and the details of the crime to construct a moving narrative." The feature appeared in the June 15, 2011 edition.

Click on image to go to DOMA Page by Dan Savage.


Click on image for "You're Not Alone" by Caleb Flood-Goldstick
Support the Anti-Bulling Campaign

"You're Not Alone" is a song dedicated to:

Seth Walsh, 13 years old
Asher Brown, 13 years old
Billy Lucas, 15 years old
Tyler Clementi, 18 years old
Montana Lance, 9 years old
Raymond Chase, 19 years old
These teenaged boys/young men committed suicide after being bullied for being perceived as gay.

12 year old singer/songwriter Caleb Flood-Goldstick wrote and performs "You're Not Alone" in memory of these teenagers & with the hope that other kids who are gay, think they may be gay or are thought of as gay know that they have support.

Caleb's dream is that no other kid should suffer or die as a consequence of homophobia.

Click on image to Support the Anti-Bullying Campaign
Support the Anti-Bulling Campaign

Montana Lance
9-year-old boy from Texas hanged himself in a restroom at school after an altercation with a bully in class where the teacher stood up for the bully and called Montana a tattle-tail. What the teacher may not have know was that Montana was the brunt of ever present bullying and he took his way out.

Click on image to Support the Anti-Bullying Campaign
Support the Human Rights Campaign

Click on image to Support the Human Rights Campaign
Support the Human Rights Campaign

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Site Producer Gratefully Acknowledge.......

David St.Clair
Tom Gaman
Tom Hollyman & Tom Hollyman, Inc.
David Surtees
Simon Surtees



Horrific event in Beslan Russia

(CAUTION, some of the images are VERY graphic)

Horror of innocent carnage, the pain and suffering by those with loved ones involved..is almost too much for anyone to contemplate. Our prayers are with those suffering from this tragedy.

The images in the movie "Lord of the Flies" were all staged and not a one of the boys were hurt, but Beslan is real. The Lord of the Flies is alive and well in our world today. Beslan reveals the point that William Golding made with his book/movie of the inherent EVIL of mankind


Horrific event in Chernobyl, Ukraine

Here are two Chernobyl tales with pictures, "Ghost Town" was written in 2003 and "Land of the Wolves" was written in 2005.


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Play PBS Radio call in talk show on the book "Lord of the Flies"


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In memory of Gary Hinton

A very dear friend, not part of the LOTF story but one of the boys at heart. Born 1964, Died 2010. With the last thirteen years spent as a quadriplegia from a car-jacking in 1997. Gone but not forgotten.

Click on image to Support Prison Pen Pal Ads
Support the Anti-Bulling Campaign

Make a difference in a lonely inmate's life.

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